First time in Latin America: Intensive Daodejing 3 Years Course with Master Jan Silberstorff in theory and practise!

There will be 3 one week retreats in a beautyfull Monastary nearby Fortalezza and 18 online seminars live over the internet (1 retreat and 6 online seminars each year). Those who can not see a live seminar can watch it for a year, free of charge, as they will be recorded. The course also includes ghuided homeworks. The course will have between 15-25 participants.


Dates and times

Date of First Retreat (confirmed): April 16-22, 2018
Expected Second Retreat Date (to be confirmed): April 2019
Expected Retreat Third Date (to be confirmed): April 2020 
The retreats begin at 7:00 pm on the first day at dinner, and end at noon on t he last day (the seventh). Classes last all day, and even at night, after dinner.

Daodejing Intensive (theoretical and practical) study with Master Jan Silberstorff:

Daodejing (Tao Te Ching), like the Bible, is one of the most translated books in history. Although many have heard of the name, relatively few in the West have read it, let alone really understood its depth. In a very neutral way, the laws of the world and their effects are described in the Daodejing (Tao Te Ching), providing information on a sensible and healthy lifestyle. Considering that the principles of Daodejing should be understood as the spiritual origin of Taijiquan and Qigong, since they offer a myriad of profound (deep) training instructions, Jan Silberstorff has decided to offer his already recognized regular training program on this timeless work in Brazil in 2018. Theory and practise will be equally in time.
The basic training is divided into three blocks:

Levels 1 „DAO“; Level 2 „DE“ and Level 3 „Deepening“.

Each of these programs is independent and complete, all include practical and theoretical exercises. The theory is applicable to all internal systems, and the training remains unbiased in selecting exercises that can be performed by all stakeholders. All styles of Taijiquan and Qigong are welcome to train. At the same time, those who specifically study Taijiquan Chen will receive relevant exercises that are part of the Chen Taijiquan system. At the end of each block, an official certificate of participation will be awarded as recognition. The contents of the training will include (and more):

- Overview of the work, its history and its legendary author Laozi
- Significant overview and interpretation of each section
Critical analysis of the text with a deep understanding of its content – Writing of the main characters and understanding of their original meanings
reading the text in its original Chinese in a way the students can understand.
- Common translations of the most important sites of Chinese or original texts
- Learning to write and pronunciation of the most important phrases
- Deep perception of the source of internal mysticism
- Understanding of the cosmic theory of origin and existence according to Laozi
- Implementation of his teachings in everyday life.
- Specific exercises of Taiji, Qigong and Meditation based on the practical experience of the text and its mysticism
Implementation of guidelines related to the practices of Taijiquan and Sitting Meditation.
Comparisons of the different versions of the Daodejing.
- Discussions of problems related to practice and theory.

In addition to participating in retreats, it includes a correspondence course in the form of practice exercises, homework and online learning programs. At the end of the course, the participant will receive a certificate that will allow them to participate in further extensive training promoted by IDS (Institute of Daodejing Studies, www. The IDS is recognized by the WCTA (World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association) as one of the fundamental training for deep understanding of the complete Taijiquan system.


Level 1 – Dao

46 hours of instruction; At least 8 hours of theory and practice daily. Online seminars via the internet every two months. Location: Jesuit Monastery – Baturité / Ceará / Brazil

Level 2 – De

46 hours of instruction; At least 8 hours of theory and practice daily. Online seminars via the internet every two months. Location: Jesuit Monastery – Baturité / Ceará / Brazil

Level 3 – Deepening

40 hours of instruction; At least 8 hours of theory and practice daily. Online seminars via the internet every two months. Location: Jesuit Monastery – Baturité / Ceará / Brazil

The training will continue between retreats with online seminars every two months via the internet. Seminars will consist of additional topics, deepening theory, practical exercises for home, (each person will decide on the commitment and depth of their practice), and review progress. Also included is a personal assessment of Jan Silberstorff on the respective study. Upon completion of the three core courses, including theory and practice of Online Seminars, a test will be conducted. (All exam fees are included in the price.) Upon satisfactory completion of the requirements and examination, the graduate will receive a certificate of completion issued by the IDS (Institute of Daodejing Studies). IDS is a private university dedicated specifically to the exploration of Daodejing. It is founded by the number one Daoist of the PR of China, Huizhang Ren Farong, the Abbey of Louguantai, the place where Laozi has written the Daodejing, Daozhang Ren Xingzhi, Professor Fan Guangchun from the Xian University and Master Jan Silberstorff.



Jesuit Monastery, located in the city of Baturité / CE, distant approximately 100 km from Fortaleza, with time of displacement around two hours. Transportation to the city of Baturité / CE can be done:
- Individually, by bus, from the bus station in Fortaleza – approximately R$ 30,00 (round trip) per person
- By bus or rented to the group – approximate amount of R$ 50,00 (round trip) per person

Hosting and Food

The Jesuit Monastery preserves the architectural grandeur and enchants by the simplicity of its facilities. Preferably it receives groups and people for spiritual retreats, but also opens its doors for visits and for those who seek to spend days of tranquility surrounded by the exuberant nature. The Jesuits’ Monastery offers apartments with a suite, single and / or double beds, bed and bath linen, wardrobe, writing desk and chair. The food offered at Daodejing Retreats will be vegetarian. Meals are included in the price. Drinks are not included in the meals, must be requested from the person in charge of the cafeteria, registered in the guest’s apartment number and must be paid at the end of your stay. The cafeteria is accessible throughout the night; There is a microwave, toaster, hot water filter, coffee, tea and seasonal fruits available for an evening snack. Approximate Accommodation Value in 2018 (to be confirmed): R$ 1,000.00


Only for people enrolled in the WCTA.

First Daodejing Retreat (Level 1): 760 Euros

Complete Daodejing Retreat (Levels 1, 2, 3): 2,280 Euros

For more informations, please contact Flavio Pessoa:

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